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The Thrive      Hive 

A community membership for Teams and Individuals

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A monthly membership to help teach, coach and support individuals, organizational teams and their leaders in reaching their full potential, and living a flourishing life with balance and well-being 

This Community is for...

Individuals  - People from all walks of life who are looking to improve their lives in some way. It could be you are looking for high performance, improved well-being, how to find balance, or get unstuck...or maybe you are somewhere else in your journey and you want some community, company and support!

Organizational Teams - we have evidence-based tools, worksheets, webinars and other resources to help you improve team performance, improve employee engagement, or create thriving teams!

Leaders - If you are an Executive  Director, CEO or team leader you know this - it can be lonely at the top. But you may still want coaching and support. We have a separate "Executive Roundtable" just for leaders, to have an additional private leadership group coaching, discussion and learning platform.  You get this free, on top of all of the other tools, videos, webinars, coaching and support!

Who Could Benefit from the Individual Thriving Content?

This community membership is really for anyone who is looking to improve, achieve more, and build a thriving life.


This membership is right for you if are:    

Seeking More Out of Life - You are eagerly pursuing a life of fulfillment and peak performance, driven by a relentless quest for growth, purpose, and excellence

Coasting - You are drifting through life without a clear purpose or ambition, navigating comfortably without actively seeking challenges or growth. Maybe you have lost your drive and feel kind of "meh" about life

Stuck - unsure of what is broken in your life, where you are going or how to get there. But you know you have more in you. If you just could figure out what and how!

Overwhelmed - Drowning in the tumult of life's demands, grappling with an avalanche of challenges that feels insurmountable. You know there is more to life, you just don't have the time or space to figure it out.

Who Could Benefit from The Team Thriving Content?  

This community membership is also for anyone who is part of a team, a team leader, senior executive or leader of an organization


Some of the topics we will cover for teams and organizations:   

How to Create a High Performing Team - Topics related to creating a high performing team

Thriving at Work - various topics related to building and creating a Thriving environment in your team or your organziations

How to Create a High Performing Organization - Michael has developed a High Performance Organization framework. Various topics around what it takes, why it works that way, and how to achieve it.

Safety and Trust - Safety and Trust is really the foundation of an effective team or organization.  We will include various webinars, tools, and models to help you learn how to create this in your organization

 And so much more....

All of our material is based on 25 years of experience coaching and consulting with teams and individuals and neuroscience, psychology or high performance research

What You Get:

Monthly Training

Monthly webinar-based training on individual, team and organizational thriving topics that matter to you. Topics could include how to thrive at work, planning your goals, how to improve your culture at work,  creating and implementing your vision for personal change, how to get more done in your day, tips to finding balance in your life...

Ongoing Support

Coach Michael will provide support through the Facebook Community group, emails to members, through a monthly call (see below), and during the monthly training. You aren't alone!

Templates, Worksheets, and Cheat Sheets

Each month, you will get access to a new evidence-based worksheet, template or "cheat sheet" that introduces a topic, or helps you apply a topic to your life. 

Monthly Group Coaching, Q&A and Support

Monthly one-hour Group Coaching and support calls.  Michael will pick a topic to do some small group coaching and will answer questions.


You can ask Michael about anything you are working on from mini-workshops, your Learn to Thrive course material, anything else you are working on even if you aren't taking his coaching or courses. Really nothing is off the table here for discussion topics!

Access to a Private Community

We have a facebook-based community of other memberships. You can share stories, ask questions, and support each other. 

Quarterly Executive Roundtable

A quarterly event strictly for members who are leaders. A private event with peer discussion, group coaching, and learning/support on topics that matter to leaders. Co-hosted by a seasoned executive who has succeeded and failed in different senior management positions, who can help you discuss your ideas in a safe and private setting.

Topic Based Material, Supports and Discussion

Access to reports, studies, papers, slide decks, or other material on topics important to you. For individual thriving, this could relate to how to plan goals, or the neuroscience of mindsets, or other topics. 

For teams, this could related to strategic planning, how to transform your team, why and how to create high performing teams, etc. 

Sign Me Up!

Between the coaching, training, templates, tools and resources, you are getting about $400 of value-added support and training each month!

This membership is only $27.00 per month, or $260 if you sign up for an annual membership. 
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