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1:1 High Performance Coaching

Invictus’ High Performance Coaching program uses neuroscience and high performance skills, tools and approaches to help clients learn how to consistently succeed beyond standard norms on whatever area they focus on, while maintaining life satisfaction, well-being, and positive relationships.

Our coaching program is based on a blend of behavioral diagnostics, neuroscience insights, and scientifically tested and proven approaches to achieve success that are rooted in decades of research and experience.

This is How We Know it Works

The coaching program is in part based on the longest running and largest study of high performers.

The High Performance Institute teamed up with psychologists and data scientists from around the globe to measure and validate high performance from an academic perspective. The study spanned:

  • 190 countries

  • 300 interviews with leaders in 11 countries

  • 174,954 survey participants

  • 2,000,000 online education users

  • 70,000 high performance coaching sessions


They found that the high performance coaching model that Invictus has based its model on is proven to be predictive of improved happiness, confidence, income, perceived excellence, and perceived success in comparison to peers over the long term.  A separate peer-reviewed study also found that the coaching model was predictive of improved ability to achieve important life outcomes such as improved life satisfaction, quality of interpersonal relationships, work quality, career impact and income.

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Group Coaching

High Performance Group Coaching is similar to the one-on-one High Performance Coaching, but it is with a small group of individuals. 

It can be very useful to use a group context to allow each participant to learn with and from each other while progressing through the pillars of High Performance.

Who is Group or Individual Coaching For?

Although the models we based our coaching program on are for anyone in any sector, our experience has shown that the model works best for people who:

  • Have started their career, particularly early to mid career

  • Have seen some success but are facing challenges

  • Don’t necessarily understand why they aren’t achieving as much as they would like

  • Would like to perform better

  • Would like to understand how to build a thriving, fulfilling life

  • Would like to feel less stress, overwhelm or burnout

  • Would like to achieve more while maintaining a balance in their life – they don’t want to work 20 hour days, would love to see their families and friends, and have hobbies

  • Want to improve and develop a thriving, well-rounded life: great relationships, great hobbies/personal life, improved success at work

Team Coaching

A high performing team is one that consistently and efficiently achieves high quality outputs, outcomes or results over time.


Building off of 22+ years of experience and neuroscience, psychology and social sciences research, there are a set of factors that are present in high performing teams.

I work with your Team to determine how they align against these factors, where their strengths and barriers are, and to create a roadmap to improvement.

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