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Why We are Called Invictus 

"Invictus" is an old Scottish poem about standing up with dignity, grace and self-agency to determine how you want to live your life while dealing with all the challenges, indignities and difficulties that come your way.

In that spirit, I started Invictus to inspire, engage, educated and support teams and people to improve and achieve more.

I teach people and teams neuroscience and high performance skills and tools to find a compelling vision, overcome their challenges and to create transformation plans so they can have the mindset, vision, habits and skills to achieve higher performance.

I also coach and support them to implement their changes and to learn how to sustain and constantly improve them, so they can keep achieving more.

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I started Invictus because I feel passionate about improving the communities where we live and work.  I am deeply interested in learning and applying lessons from Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, High Performance research, and Sports Psychology to help figure out the most effective ways to overcome life's myriad challenges and live a thriving, fulfilling life. 


I have extensive training and expereince in High Performance Coaching, Applied Neuroscience of High Performance, Organizational Design, Behavioral Change Management, Lean Six Sigma, and Project Management. I bring all of those skills, approaches and frameworks together to help community organizations to find a compelling vision, address the challenges that keep them from getting there, and then creating transformation roadmaps to achieve their goals. 

Based on my 22+ years of experience and Neuroscience, High Performance, and Organizational Design research, I have created a High Performing Community Organization framework, a High Performing Community Team framework, and a framework to help senior management lead high performing community teams. I will also often coach senior teams on how to most effectively plan and manage their transformations.


I also help individuals find their path to planning out and implementing their own high performance life. I use neuroscience and high performance approaches, frameworks and tools to help them develop their vision of their ideal life, assess their challenges, create their mindset, find their motivation and implement the high performance habits and actions to achieve their goal. 

About Michael Schiel

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