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Achieve More:

Group Coaching Program

The Achieve More program focuses on helping people find the most efficient and effective way to improve and achieve more.


There are certain things about the way the brain and body is wired that you can leverage to help you focus, make improvements, and be more productive.  This program focuses on helping you to prioritize and become more productive, while maintaining balance and feeling less overwhelmed.

This program helps you answer the questions:

  • How can I achieve more without burning out?

  • How can I optimize my productivity?

  • How can I create a life where I have balance, do not feel overwhelmed, yet achieve more of my highest priorities?

What is Group Coaching?

High Performance Group Coaching is similar to the one-on-one High Performance Coaching, but it is with a small group of individuals. 

Group coaching is conducted as a group session where each individual works on their own goals while following the content and flow together. Your coach will take you through the program in batches of 3 to 7 participants, working through the concepts and activities.


Each participant is encouraged to consider the concepts and activities within their own lives and point of view, but to share their ideas.  Many people find a group setting more relaxing, more educational and information and more powerful for learning and applying the peak performance concepts. 

Why  Group Coaching?

There are so many benefits of group coaching including:

  • The ability to learn from peers - many others face the same challenges you do and it can often be more informative to learn from your peers

  • Provides an opportunity to work closely with others which may otherwise not exist

  • Expands one’s professional network, encourages relationship building, and breaks down internal silos

  • Fosters reflection and greater self-awareness through discussion and feedback

  • Builds deeper relationships and connections through a common experience

  • Increases sense of accountability as the peer group and lead coach will be soliciting updates on problems being tackled, new ideas implemented, and milestones achieved against desired goals

  • Amplifies the likelihood of goal achievement for individuals, teams, and organization

What Will You Learn?

There are 13 base modules in this program, broken into discrete logical chunks.

As with our other programs, each student can customize and adjust subject matter and flow/timing of the modules.  Each module is created to occur in 1 session, however students may choose to take longer on any one module.


Setting the Foundation

  • Principles of what matters in productivity and improvement

  • 6 Pillars of high performance and what they mean for you

Understanding You and Your Priorities

  • Your personal vision, purpose, values to achieve more

  • Priorities in achieving more

Creating Your Plan

  • Create your plan

  • Planning for fear and failure

  • Tracking your progress

High Performance Habits to Support Success

  • How to create a habit

  • Creating courage to achieve your goals

  • Setting your mindset

  • Finding energy

  • Setting boundaries

  • Create your plan for a balanced, fulfilling life

Yes! Sign Me Up!

Group coaching works best with 3 to 8 or so people. Smash the button below and we will put you on draft list and let you know how close we are to setting up our next session. 

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