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Create Your Vision for a Thriving Life

A Mini-Workshop

What is a "Vision for a Thriving Life"

A personal vision for a thriving life is a dynamic blueprint that outlines the aspirations and broad goals of an individual in various aspects of their life. It encompasses not only professional or career objectives but also personal development, relationships, health, and overall well-being.

Why is it Important?

What is a "Mini-Workshop"?

 Your vision for a thriving life is a powerful driving force that will help energize you, keep you focused on what matters, help make your life more meaningful, and really support you throughout your life.

In my many years of research, coaching and consulting on how to achieve higher performance and create thriving lives and teams, I have learned that the foundation of a thriving life is a powerful trio: Your Vision for a Thriving Life, Your Purpose, and Your Values.

A mini-Workshop is short, super-helpful, intensive way to dive a little deeper into one topic that is important to you.

For $27, it includes a short video or two, some worksheets, and any other supports you need to create a small but mighty impact on your life!

Is This The Right Workshop For You?

This course is good for you if you are:

Stuck - unsure of what is broken in your life, where you are going or how to get there. But you know you have more in you. If you just could figure out what you wanted from life!

Coasting - You are drifting through life without a clear purpose or ambition, navigating comfortably without actively seeking challenges or growth. Maybe you have lost your drive and feel kind of "meh" about life. You want to find out more about what drives you!

Overwhelmed - You have too much going on in your life, and you want to get back to basics. What do I want out of life? What are the most important things in life that I need to focus on? 

What You Get in the Mini Workshop

A video workshop on what a vision is, how it fits into your thriving life, and how to create one

 A worksheet to help you create your Vision

A Cheatsheet to remind you of the main components of a Vision for a Thriving Life

The video lesson covers:

  • How you can use a personal vision to create a thriving life

  • The powerful science behind why it has such a positive impact on your life

  • The neuroscience behind why it works

  • How it helps to improve your performance, productivity and well-being

  • The components behind a successful vision

  • How to create and implement one in your life 

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I am Ready to Enroll!

If you are ready to create your personal vision for a thriving life, click the button below and you will get instant access!
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