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Free Resources 

To help you improve, achieve more and thrive!

Below are some free resources you can use to help you on your path to learning how to improve and achieve more, or to finding your thriving, engaging, fulfilling life.

Each of these resources are based on ideas that have been successfully applied by many of my clients, as well as being founded on evidence-based practices and approaches. 

Happy Woman

Assess Your Well-being

A workbook to help you figure out how you can use the PERMA wellbeing model to assess your current well-being score, where you want to get to, and how to get there. Yes, you can create a flourishing life for yourself!


Goal Planning Checklist

A "cheatsheet" checklist of science-backed tips to choose, plan and achieve your goals

Team Talk

High Performing Team Framework

Based on 24+ years of experience helping to transform and improve teams, along with evidence-based research, this framework outlines the four main components you need to consider to create a thriving, high performing team

Stressed Woman

#1 Way to Reduce Overwhelm

If you are feeling overworked, overwhelmed and maybe even burned out, but feel like you are too busy to deal with it...this resource is for you. The #1 thing you can do to stop the pain train and start getting a hold of your life

balanced life.jpg

How to Live a Balanced Life Coaching Worksheet

A summary of what it takes to achieve a "balanced life", with coaching prompts to help you figure out what it means for you in your life

Panoramic View

Life Satisfaction Gauge

A deceptively simple evidence-based tool to help you quickly assess whether you are satisfied with your well-being and whether you want to start a journey to improve your life!

Student working on project

How to Set and Maintain Your Boundaries

This resource lays out an evidence-based framework for how to set and maintain your personal boundaries so you don't get so overwhelmed with life

Team Meeting

SCARF Model: Neuroscience of Team Collaboration Worksheet

Based on the SCARF model, a summary of the social neuroscience principles of how the brain works in terms of collaboration, and a tool to help you assess and improve your own team's collaboration skills


Thriving at Work

A framework to help you create a culture of Thriving at work, to improve employee engagement, vitality, motivation and overall performance

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