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I Help People, Teams and Organizations to Thrive

How I Can Help People and Teams Improve, Achieve More or Thrive

Learn to Improve, Transform and Thrive

I help people who feel underwhelmed, overwhelmed, stuck in life ...or who just plain want to achieve something more in their life.


I use neuroscience, psychology and high-performance backed coaching and courses to help you create your vision, overcome your challenges and chart your course to a thriving life.

My name is Michael Schiel and I am a High Performance Coach and Transformation Consultant.
I use neuroscience, psychology and high performance skills, tools and approaches to help people and teams to thrive.

A thriving life is a state of optimal well-being, achievement and fulfillment in which an individual not only achieves their meaningful goals and aspirations but also lives in accordance with their core values.

About Invictus and Me
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Create High  Performing Teams and Organizations

I use neuroscience, psychology and high-performance backed coaching and courses to help teams and organizations improve, transform and become high performing.

Kim Gallant,

Executive Director

I have worked with many consultants, but Michael is the best. Michael has a lot of easy, practical tools that he shared with us to help us thrive and become a high-performance agency. 

Brittany Whitton

"I've been following and working with Michael for a year now and have gained so much from his offerings. He offers straight to the point advice and tips for creating a more thriving and productive life - personally and professionally - while aiming to find that balance we are all looking for!"

Jocelyne Paul,

Former Executive Director

Michael has a true passion for what he does, and this shows up in all his interactions. He shares his knowledge, backing this up with learned experience and/or proven research, and provided well thought-out options and recommendations as needed
Similing Team

Learn to Thrive

Self -Paced Course 

Go from feeling like you are stuck, feeling overwhelmed or under-achieving to reaching your full potential, and living a flourishing life with balance and well-being 

Free Resources to Help You Improve, Achieve More and Thrive

We have created neuroscience, psychology, and high performance research-based protocols, tools and frameworks to help you improve your team or your personal life. 

We have tools to help you measure and achieve well-being, plan and achieve goals, tools to help you improve, and how to overcome feeling overwhelm.

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Welcome to the “Achieve More” Podcast, where I help people and teams overcome challenges and achieve peak potential using neuroscience and high performance skills, tools and approaches.

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