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Plan.  Improve. Reach Your Goals. Achieve Excellence

Learn to Thrive

Helping people, teams and organizations to learn how to achieve their goals, improve their performance, achieve well-being and unleash their full potential

My name is Michael Schiel and I am a High Performance Coach and Transformation Consultant.

I use neuroscience, psychology, and high performance skills, tools and approaches to help people and teams to identify their goals, shatter limiting beliefs, overcome their challenges, improve their performance, and achieve wellbeing and a balanced life so they can unleash their full potential

About Invictus and Me
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How can Neuroscience help me be more productive? 

How do I get more of the important work done in my day? 

How do I work more efficiently and effectively?

How do I do this without burning out?

Download the livecast recording of "Neuroscience Principles of Productivity"

Learn about 10 neuroscience-based principles about how our brain and body work, that you can start to utilize to help focus on your work, get the right work done, and have more focus and energy.

Learn to Improve, Transform and Thrive

I help people who feel underwhelmed, overwhelmed, stuck in life ...or who just plain want to achieve something more in their life.


I use neuroscience, psychology and high-performance backed coaching and courses to help you create your vision, overcome your challenges and chart your course to a thriving life.

Create High  Performing Teams and Organizations

I use neuroscience, psychology and high-performance backed coaching and courses to help teams and organizations improve, transform and become high performing.

How I Can Help People and Teams Improve, Achieve More or Thrive

Kim Gallant,

Executive Director

I have worked with many consultants, but Michael is the best. Michael has a lot of easy, practical tools that he shared with us to help us thrive and become a high-performance agency. 

Brittany Whitton

"I've been following and working with Michael for a year now and have gained so much from his offerings. He offers straight to the point advice and tips for creating a more thriving and productive life - personally and professionally - while aiming to find that balance we are all looking for!"

Jocelyne Paul,

Former Executive Director

Michael has a true passion for what he does, and this shows up in all his interactions. He shares his knowledge, backing this up with learned experience and/or proven research, and provided well thought-out options and recommendations as needed
Similing Team

Learn to Thrive

Self -Paced Course 

Go from feeling like you are stuck, feeling overwhelmed or under-achieving to reaching your full potential, and living a flourishing life with balance and well-being 

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