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What should your next step be to improve, achieve more or to create a thriving, fulfilling life you love with more balance and less overwhelm?
Take our short quiz and find out! 

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You Can Thrive

Learn how to live an engaging, productive, and fulfilling life ...

...While building positive relationships, maintaining life satisfaction and feeling less overwhem

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I help people and teams overcome challenges and  achieve peak potential using neuroscience and high performance skills, tools and approaches

Based on decades of hands-on experience and neuroscience and high performance research:

  • There are certain things about the way the brain and body is wired that you can leverage to help you focus, make improvements, and be more productive


  • ​There are specific high performance habits that all high performers use, and it is important to understand how to introduce them at the right time 


  • There are specific neuroscience and high performance based approaches you can emphasize at different parts of your improvement journey to radically help your improvement efforts

When you understand how to put these pieces together, it is possible to improve and achieve more and even reach a thriving, engaging, fulfilling life.

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Why Most People Don't Improve

The main reasons most people don't improve, achieve more or live the life they want include:

  • They want to improve, but don't know how

  • They know how to improve and achieve more, but aren't motivated

  • They know how to improve, but don't know the next steps to take 

  • They make a change and things improve  for a little bit, but then they falter and it goes back to the way it was before

  • Sometimes they just feel so overwhelmed they feel like they don't have the time, energy or motivation to make a change

Take the Quiz!

When you are looking for ways to improve and achieve more, regardless of your goals there are certain approaches, skills, and tools you can use at each stage of your journey that can help you succeed.


Take this quiz to help you understand the skills you need, what to focus on, and your next 3 steps in improving, so you can continue your improvement journey more easily and effectively.

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Learn How to Improve and Build a Thriving Life

I use neuroscience and high performance based approaches to help you:

  • Create your vision for how to live an engaging, fulfilling, thriving life

  • Learn how to improve and achieve more for yourself or your team

  • ​​Become more focused and productive

  • Create the mindset and find the energy to do more with your day


.... all while finding balance, building positive relationships and feeling less overwhelm

How I Can Help You Achieve More

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High Performance Coaching

A series of one-on-one sessions that helps you reach heightened levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence on your march to a successful, healthy, and fully charged life

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High Performance Team Coaching

Building off of 23+ years of experience and neuroscience, high performance  and psychology research, we use science-backed approaches and tools to work with your Team to determine how they align against High Performance factors, where their strengths and barriers are, and to create a roadmap to improvement.

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Transformation Consulting

High Performance isn't an accident. We use science-backed approaches, tools and skills to help you improve, optimize or transform your unit, services or organization to achieve more

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About Michael Schiel

I am a High Performance Coach and Transformation Consultant.

I teach everyday people, but also specialize in working with Community  Sector teams by using neuroscience and high performance skills and tools to find a compelling vision, overcome their challenges and to create transformation plans so they can have the mindset, vision, habits and skills to achieve higher performance.

I also coach and support them to implement their changes and to learn how to sustain and constantly improve them, so they can keep achieving more.

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