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Project Meeting

The Transformation Membership 

A monthly program to coach you to learn how to plan and manage projects and learn how to plan the transformation of your unit, team or organization

A step-by-step approach to help you confidently learn and implement the skills, tools, templates, and approaches to planning, implementing and managing your projects....even if you have no project management background!

Is This Right For You?

Before I tell you about the program, lets make sure you are a good fit

You are right for this membership program if you are being asked to plan, implement, manage or close off a project ... but you aren't an accomplished project manager. 

Or maybe you have been asked to plan or manage a transformation project for your organization but you aren't sure where to start.


This is the place to be if you want to learn the skills, tools and tricks to plan and manage projects but you don't have the time, money or desire to get certified or take an extensive course.

This is the place for you if you:

  • Need to plan, implement or manage projects of any size or kind

  • Want to be better at your job and help improve your workplace

  • Have little to no project management training or background

  • Want to learn best practices for reducing costs, improving services or planning and managing transformation projects

  • Want to keep learning about how to best plan and manage projects even if you have already taken a course or two

  • Want to learn about achieving high performance community organizations or high performance teams 

  • Want to learn more about change management and communications and stakeholder engagement

  • Want to be part of a like-minded community of other professionals who are looking to learn, share their stories and support each other


After Participating In This Membership, You Will Be Able To:

 Plan Projects of Any Size

You will confidently be able to use tools, templates and skills for planning projects of all sizes

Manage Teams

Approaches, tools and techniques for managing teams of any size, including people who don't report to you

Know How to Create a High Performing Team

You will know and be able to use our custom High Performing Community Team Framework, understanding which factors are most important, how to measure your own team, and what to do to address them

Implement and Manage Projects of Any Size

Confidently use best practice tools and templates to manage tasks, people, risks, budgets, change and so much more!

Transform your Service, Unit or Organization

Confidently use our best practice transformation framework to create and manage projects to reduce costs, improve services or introduce new service lines

Know How to Create  High Performing Community Organization

You will know how to apply our High Performing Community Organization Framework, based off of 23+ years of experience, applied neuroscienceand high performance research. You will know how to apply it to your own organization, and how to create and manage projects to improve your organization

Plan and Manage Budgets

Best practice methods and tools to plan, track, manage and rectify budgets 

Plan and Manage Change

Learn a suite of best practice skills, tools and templates for planning and managing change management 

Be Part of a Supportive, Engaging Community

Joining the membership gets you access to a private community of other like-minded professionals. You can share stories, swap ideas, support each other and engage in community-wide challenges, 

"The Complete course is excellent. The whole details about the project management are extremely helpful"
"Excellent use of example and past experiences, allowing it to be relatable and engaging"
"It was super helpful as it was pertinent to the work I am expected to do but don't have the training for"

What Do Previous Students Say?

There is no other membership that teaches you these skills, and gives you the super powers to improve services, reduce costs, manage complexity and transform your community

Monthly Payments of

1 Annual Payment of

*If you pay annually you get 1 month free!

What You Will Get

Success Path

A success path is laid out for you to follow, so you can learn everything you want...but you can create your own!

Monthly Office Hours

Michael will hold monthly "office hours" - letting members join a live zoom and ask any questions on tools, templates, skills, strategy or anything. You have full access to an experienced practitioner for 1 hour a month!

Self Paced Learning

You learn as fast or as slow as you want. Go at your own pace. You will always have access to the materials as long as you are a member in good standing.

Tools and Templates

Michael will share tools and templates used in the video that you can use in your own practice.

Tactical, Easy to Implement Video  Based Lessons

Michael will drop new short, tactical videos regularly that you can access virtually anytime


You are automatically included in a private facebook group of other members, where you can chat, share ideas, support each other and hold each other accountable.

Interactive Webinars 

Michael will hold monthly webinars on related topics to help you learn, apply your learnings and ask questions

What the Lessons Focus On:

Project Management

Transformation Planning

You will learn everything you need to know to plan, implement, manage and close a project of any size:

  • Skills, mindsets and behaviors that lead to successful project management

  • Overview of the whole project management lifecycle

  • Tools, templates and tricks for each deliverable or activity at each lifecyle

  • Supporting videos and ideas, and discussions during monthly webinars, to bring the ideas to life

Transformation projects are the ones that change your team, unit or organization to achieve more: maybe you need to cut costs while still serving your clients? Maybe you need to redesign your services to be smoother, better or faster? Maybe you need to think about expanding services ... but don't have any more funding?

Transformation projects follow some of the same rules, BUT  they follow their own pattern in that you are looking to reduce or increase costs, services or staff.  Its kind of a cousin to a regular project: sort of the same, but with a little more complexity.

What you will learn:

  • What transformation projects are and are not

  • A simple but powerful framework to managing a transformation project

  • The main ideas behind reducing costs

  • The main ideas behind improving services

  • How to create a new unit or service

High Performing Community Organizations and Teams

I have created two frameworks that are absolutely invaluable to community organizations, that you will learn.

Based on my training in high performance coaching, the applied neuroscience of high performance and organizational design, as well as my 23+ years of experience completing hundreds of transformation projects at community sector, broader public sector and private sector organizations I have created a High Performing Community Organization framework and a High Performing Community Organization Team framework.

In this membership program, you will be able to learn:

  • The basic foundational ideas behind each framework

  • The characteristics for each framework

  • How to apply the frameworks to your own teams or frameworks

  • How to improve your teams and organizations so that they too are high performing

Michael S-11_edited.jpg

About Your Host Michael Schiel

I created my coaching and consulting firm Invictus because I feel passionate about improving the communities where we live and work.  I am deeply interested in learning and applying lessons from Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, High Performance research, and Sports Psychology to help figure out the most effective ways to overcome life's myriad challenges and live a thriving, fulfilling life. 


I have extensive training and expereince in High Performance Coaching, Applied Neuroscience of High Performance, Organizational Design, Behavioral Change Management, Lean Six Sigma, and Project Management. I bring all of those skills, approaches and frameworks together to help community organizations to find a compelling vision, address the challenges that keep them from getting there, and then creating transformation roadmaps to achieve their goals. 

I have over 23 years of experience managing projects of all sizes, with budgets ranging from $1500 (yes, it really was that small) to over $200 million.

I have planned, implemented and managed all kinds of projects: IT implementation, strategy, cost reduction, creation of new  services, creation of shared services, re-alignment of services, service coordination... you name it.

Over 23 years I have literally managed hundreds if not thousands of projects for Federal, Provincial and Municipal clients, community health centers, hospitals, child and youth mental health, organizations that support youth and adults with disabilities, autism service providers, community support centers and sooooo many more!

I have managed massive complex projects for private sector organizations too in the lumber, real estate, energy and financial services sectors.

I have taught project management and transformation skills to all sorts of people, but I mostly enjoy teaching these skills and ideas to people who need to use it but it isn't in their typical role description. I have taught social workers, hospice workers, child and youth mental health staff, DSO organization staff, autism services staff, doctors, nurses, name it.

I regularly teach Project Management services to professionals as part of the adult extension program at Wilfrid Laurier University, but have also taught it at seminars for University of Toronto, McMaster University, the Project Management Institute, Children's Mental Health Ontario, the Ministry of Health, and so many other places.

Sign Me Up

A monthly program to guide, teach, and coach you to learn how to plan and manage projects and learn how to plan the transformation of your unit, team or organization and show you how to make your team and organization into high performers!

Monthly Payments of

1 Annual Payment of

* you get 1 month free!

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