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Project Meeting

Project Management and Transformation Membership 

A monthly program to coach you to learn how to plan and manage projects and learn how to plan the transformation of your unit, team or organization

A step-by-step approach to help you confidently learn and implement the skills, tools, templates, and approaches to planning, implementing and managing your projects....even if you have no project management background!

Is This Right For You?

Before I tell you about the program, lets make sure you are a good fit

You are right for this membership program if you are being asked to plan, implement, manage or close off a project ... but you aren't an accomplished project manager. 

Or maybe you have been asked to plan or manage a transformation project for your organization but you aren't sure where to start.


This is the place to be if you want to learn the skills, tools and tricks to plan and manage projects but you don't have the time, money or desire to get certified or take an extensive course.

This is the place for you if you:

  • Need to plan, implement or manage projects of any size or kind

  • Want to be better at your job and help improve your workplace

  • Have little to no project management training or background

  • Want to learn best practices for reducing costs, improving services or planning and managing transformation projects

  • Want to keep learning about how to best plan and manage projects even if you have already taken a course or two

  • Want to learn about achieving high performance community organizations or high performance teams 

  • Want to learn more about change management and communications and stakeholder engagement

  • Want to be part of a like-minded community of other professionals who are looking to learn, share their stories and support each other


After Participating In This Membership, You Will Be Able To:

 Plan Projects of Any Size

You will confidently be able to use tools, templates and skills for planning projects of all sizes

Manage Teams

Approaches, tools and techniques for managing teams of any size, including people who don't report to you

Know How to Create a High Performing Team

You will know and be able to use our custom High Performing Community Team Framework, understanding which factors are most important, how to measure your own team, and what to do to address them