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Learn to Thrive

In this course you will go from feeling stuck or underwhelmed with life, like you aren’t getting the important things done to finding purpose, well being and high performance.

You will learn how to build and live a thriving, flourishing life.

You will experience satisfaction at living out your vision and purpose, feeling balanced, and achieving the goals that matter to you.

You will create and implement a plan to improve your performance, achieve mastery, create a profound sense of well-being, feel fulfilled and engaged, and find balance in your life.

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Is This The Right Course For You?

You are right for this course if you are looking to achieve more with your life. If you are looking to create a compelling vision for your life, that you wake up energized, and ready to tackle your challenges.

Maybe you are tired of feeling overwhelmed with life.  That you can never find the time to focus on the thing that matters to you. Or maybe you are so overwhelmed, you feel like you don't know what matters anymore.


Or have the time or energy to figure it out. 

Or maybe you feel stuck. You thought you would have more, or have achieved more.  You know you can do better at your job, your relationships, maybe your hobbies. You feel like you are underperforming at your job, in your life.


Or maybe you want to feel more alive, more connected to who you are.  Myabe you haven't had time to figure that out, or it kind of got lost in the shuffle.

...Then This Course For is You!

A thriving life is a state of optimal well-being, achievement and fulfillment in which an individual not only achieves their meaningful goals and aspirations but also lives in accordance with their core values.

It involves the sustained achievement of well being in one’s life, the pursuit of personal growth, the realization of one's potential, and the experience of happiness and contentment derived from the alignment between actions, values, and objectives.

Coming out of this course, you will have learned:

How to define your vision, values and goals for a flourishing life

 Success factors for tackling your challenges and making success "stick"
How to use a science-backed framework for creating a profound sense of well-being in your life
How to find balance in your life

How to achieve higher performance and even mastery at the highest levels across multiple domains in your life

Figured out which personal and environmental enablers for thriving work for you and how to use them

How to create and implement your personal plan to overcome your challenges, achieve well-being, create mastery and create a thriving life!

Early Bird Special

I’m opening up 10 spots for early enrollment to my course at a HUGE discount in exchange for your feedback (and less than 5 minutes of your time each week for 6 weeks.) 

My future $497 course is available for a few days at a 50% discount. 

Enroll today at $250!


Don’t wait because these 10 spots are only available until Friday, November 16th, or until they fill up! Enroll now by clicking the link in my bio.

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What You Will Learn In This Course

Vision, Values and Purpose

Higher performance and sustainable well-being starts with a solid vision of your thriving life. You will learn the evidence-backed way to create a compelling vision, set of values, and purpose for your life.


Well-being generally refers to the overall state of health, happiness, and prosperity of an individual or a group. You will learn how to use an evidence-backed positive psychology framework to assess your own well-being, and how to work on your own.

Thrive Model

We will introduce you to the latest model on now to thrive. You will learn the components, and how they work together. You will start to apply the model to your own life. 

How to Plan, Implement and Achieve Goals

Based on the latest neuroscience, high performance and psychology research, you will learn how to create and achieve plans to create your thriving life  

High Performance

You will learn the tools, protocols and approaches on how to improve, achieve higher performance, or even reach mastery. 

How to Reach Your Full Potential

You will learn how to pull it alltogether for a game plan for your own life. You will learn what it means and what to do, to reach your own full potential

More information is coming about course details, timing and pricing... but in the meantime, you can put your name on the waitlist to find out more as it becomes available!

Yes! Please put my name on the waitlist to find out more about the Survive to Thrive course as it rolls out very soon in summer of 2023!

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